Happy Gin & Tonic Day!

Today, the world takes a pause and celebrates that most refreshing cocktail. The smooth and refined G&T for friends. Some say the gin & tonic took hold in colonial India where British were suffering from malaria due to mosquitoes and vitamin C deficiency. Quinine was an anti-malarial medicine, but extremely bitter. It was dissolved in tonic to make it more palatable.

Gin, as a stand-alone drink was becoming very popular in the mid 1800s and it was not long before the British colonials topped up their tonic with some “Genever”.

Sailors had long been used to eating lemons and oranges to get additional vitamin C. Adding the lime or lemon wedge to the gin and tonic was a perfect complement.

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Catch the race from the Singapore Action Terrace at JW Marriott

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Paneco Returns to the Podium Lounge 2019

Players getting ready for the action

Last year, the Paneco installation at the Podium Lounge was a sight to behold and this year plans to be no exception. This year, the Paneco slots will return with even more amazing prizes. Contestants can win a bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue valued at over $300, dining vouchers, champagne flutes and more from the World’s Largest Online Liquor Store.

Lady Luck Taking a spin

The main attraction at the 2019 event is a $8,000 diamond pendant sponsored by DeRocks Jewelers. This one-of-a-kind necklace is based on the traditional Seed of Life motif that has been used around the world for centuries.

The Podium Lounge itself is a high-energy affair which attracts the who’s-who of Singapore’s gliteratti. Across three nights, you will be blown away by world class musical and acrobatic performances. This year, Daniel Jones of Savage Garden alongside Singaporean sensation Maya Davidov will play Friday, Saturday and Sunday. This has never been done before!

Scene from Podium Lounge 2018

Friday’s headline act will feature Melanie C of Spice Girls fame. She will be on the 1s and 2s to spin a soulful DJ set.

Saturday’s main act will highlight the antics of the Cuban Brothers. Anyone who has seen them in action will remember them for a lifetime.

Sunday – race day – has the music helmed by the “Grey Worm” of Game of Thrones fame. Raleigh Ritchie will play tracks from his debut album ‘You’re A Man Now, Boy’ on Race Night.

Featured acts at Podium Lounge 2019

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Event Details
20 Sep to 22 Sep (Friday to Sunday)
Ritz Carlton Hotel
Grand Ballroom – Level 1
7 Raffles Avenue
Singapore 039799

FREE movie tickets to Films at the Fort

For a limited time only, Paneco customers can redeem a code to receive ONE FREE movie ticket (worth $31.90) with qualifying purchases. Get your picnic blanket ready and cozy up with a nice bottle of wine to see major feature films including Shawshank Redemption, Fighting with My Family, The Talented Mr. Ripley and so much more.

Movies are screened al fresco at Fort Canning from 1 to 18 August 2019. All you need to do is buy any 2 bottles of 750ml Casillero del Diablo products then then do the following:

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Tickets are on a first come first-served basis. Terms and Conditions apply*


  1. Go to www.filmsatthefort.com.sg/tickets and select film of choice (subject to availability)
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  4. You will then receive your film ticket via email.
  • Promotion is open to all Singaporean Resident over the age of 18 who are legally allowed to consume alcohol. Not applicable for employees, distributors or partners of the promoter, VCT Group of Wineries Asia Pte Ltd, or their families up to second-grade relatives.
  • This prize is non-exchangeable and not redeemable for cash.

For further Terms and Conditions, please visit: http://bit.ly/CDD-FATF

How is Bourbon different from Scotch Whisky?

Learn about who bourbon is different from scotch whisky

Whisky and whiskey refer to the same alcoholic beverage made from distilled grain and aged in wood. In some circles whisky refers to the drink from anywhere in the world. Whiskey (with an “e”) is typically from Ireland or the United States. The name itself is derived from the Gaelic term uisce beatha meaning “water of life”.

There are a variety of ways to make whisky. Essentially you need water, yeast and malted barley. You can add corn, wheat, oats or rye to make the finished whisky. Depending on the country of origin, percentage of grain and whether the whisky comes from a single distillery will change what the finished product is called.

Bourbon or American Whiskey

According to Maker’s Mark Master Distiller, Greg Davis, Bourbon needs to be produced in America and made from 51 percent corn which is not true for whiskey. Bourbon also needs to be stored in new charred-oak barrels, whereas whiskey barrels do need to be oak but not new or charred. Lastly, the final product needs to be be distilled to no more than 160 proof and entered into the barrel at 125 in order to qualify as bourbon. For other whiskies the liquid must be distilled to no more than 190 proof. David notes that this isn’t just common practice — “it’s actual bourbon law.”

Due to various backyard stills in the USA during the mid-1800s, there was a law passed to protect consumer safety. The Bottled-in-Bond Act of 1897 was designed with this in mind and had a side-effect of defining a bourbon by law.

The Act requires the spirit to be the product of one distillation season and one distiller at one distillery. It must be bottled and stored in bonded warehouses under the U.S. government supervision for no less than 4 years.

So, by this definition, all Bourbons are American Whiskies, but not all American Whiskies are bourbons. The most famous example is Jack Daniels. This is technically a Tennessee Whiskey and not a bourbon.

What is Scotch Whisky?

By definition, Scotch whisky is also protected by law. The 2009 Scotch Whisky Regulation requires it to be produced in a distillery in Scotland from water and malted barley. It can contain no other additives except for colouring. Scotch can be single grain – coming from one distillery and cereal grain; Single Malt – only contains malted barley; Blended – a combination of grain and malt whiskies.

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World Cup Promo

Paneco celebrates the World Cup

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How Sidney Frank Revolutionized the Vodka World

What Sidney Frank achieved with Grey Goose is nothing short of genius. He created demand for a premium product and created a category that didn’t exist before.

His pals in the liquor business thought Sidney Frank was crazy when he started importing a German herbal elixir, called Jägermeister, in 1972. The drink was selling about 500 cases a year. But Frank had a plan, revolving around promotion techniques the liquor industry had never seen. He employed a squadron of young women–dubbed Jägerettes–to patrol bars and sell drinks, and he threw parties for high visibility. In the first half of 2005, Sidney Frank Importing sold 2 million cases of Jägermeister.

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