The 5 best Diwali dishes you should pair with drinks


The build up to the New Year begins with one of the world’s grandest festivals in October – Diwali. The celebration of food and friendship in the backdrop of lights and crackers makes for an all-round festive atmosphere that continues well into the wee hours of the morning. Here’s a list of must-try Diwali dishes and the perfect drinks to enhance their flavour, setting the mood for fun and festivities. Continue reading

Responsible Drinking


Here at, we strongly advocate that our customers be considerate of their health as well as the well-being of those around them. We are passionate about our products and we want you to enjoy them responsibly.

This weekend article look at what it means to be a responsible drinker. Being responsible means knowing when to drink, how much to drink, planning ahead and being in control of your drinking habits. Continue reading

Throw Your Very Own St. Patrick’s Day Party

Ah, St Paddy’s Day. The time of the year where the streets are full of rambunctious crowds drinking to the glory days. The streets run green with revellers which means the bars and pubs are packed to the brim. Extraordinary times like these call for some pretty ordinary measures. Here is how you can throw your very own St Paddy’s Day party right in the comfort of your own home! Continue reading