About Us

Our Story

Paneco Singapore was founded in 2015 and is part of the successful Paneco brand which is one of the largest online alcohol retailers in the world. Today we are the fastest growing online liquor retailers in the world. Our localised sites ensure that we tailor to the tastes of the different countries and adapt to their preferences. Connect with us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter or simply keep up with us on Instagram to discover new drinks and recipes.

Our Values

At heart we are connoisseurs. We enjoy discovering and sourcing the finest alcoholic accompaniment for every occasion. Be it weddings, dinner parties, private parties, we know these events and know what makes them that much better.

We are really committed to giving you the best shopping experience so you can enjoy your favourite drinks on those special occasions. We offer the most attractive market prices, same day delivery, easy purchase, reliable and professional service along with the best quality and variety of products.


At PANECO.com we leverage our worldwide alcohol wholesale and retail business to provide the cheapest prices for our customers. With stores on 4 continents we know where to source the best possible prices on the brands you love.


Within PANECO.com you’ll find the largest variety of drinks for every occasion. All perfect to suit the taste of each of our customers.


Your time is money! So you can make your orders in just 3 simple steps:

  1. You select the beverage of your choice.
  2. Pay online and completely securely with Paypal or credit card, debit card through our platform.
  3. Done! You will receive your order at home. Let the party begin!