10 best online deals to buy alcohol this festive season

10 best online alcohol deals Singapore

Festive time is when the spirits soar, and to heighten the spirits all around, we suggest – well – you guessed it: spirits of the other kind. Check out these irresistible online offers on alcohol, guaranteed to put you in a state of euphoria.

Here is what you should serve for your Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties!

  1. Chandon Extra Brut at 29% below market prices

This sparkling wine from Napa Valley was established by the venerable Moët & Chandon in 1973. Since it is not grown in the Champagne region of France, it cannot technically be called as such. However, don’t let that stop you from enjoying the notes of apple, pear and citrus flavour.

Suggested serving: Lemongrass Sparkler

You save: S$22.50

  1. Glenfiddich (15 Years) at 40% below market prices

Widely recognised as the best edition of the Glenfiddich, this whisky is aged in American bourbon, Portuguese sherry, and virgin oak barrels. Married using the immensely popular Solera system, the production and ageing methods are one of the best in the world.

Suggested serving:  Whisky Margarita

You save: S$62.96

  1. Martell Cordon Blue at 14% below market prices

This flagship brand of Martell’s was bottled way back is 1912 by Edouard Martell. So for many connoisseurs this is perhaps how history tastes like, what with the recipe over a hundred years old!

Suggested serving: Le Sazerac De Cordon Bleu

You save: S$35.00

  1. Hibiki Japanese Harmony Master’s Select at 31% below market prices

The latest member of the Hibiki family was launched as recently as 2015.  A blend of more than 12 malt and grain whiskys, the drink personifies ‘harmony,’ and leaves a lingering taste of chocolate, orange peel, and subtle oak.

Suggested serving: Pleasant to sip neat, on the rocks with an ice sphere or in a highball.

You save: S$55.00

  1. Dom Perignon 2006 at 10% below market prices

This vintage champagne should be the drink in your hand, as you herald the beginning of the New Year. ‘Invented’ by a Benedictine monk way back in the 17th century, no party is complete without some clinking of champagne glasses.

Suggested serving: Should be served at 45 degrees Fahrenheit, and bottle must be opened before consumption to preserve the bubbles.

You save: S$22

  1. Grey Goose Vodka at 40% below market prices

Vodka purists will be familiar with the iconic brand Grey Goose, which is painstakingly created from the most superior French wheat – the kind used in French pastries – and Champagne limestone-filtered water.

Suggested serving: Screwdriver

You save: S$50.20

  1. Perrier-Jouët Grand Brut at 10% below market prices

If you’re looking for a nice bottle of bubbly that pairs well or with dinner or great on its own, look no further. This classic champagne combines elegance with a delicate complexity.

Suggested serving: Perrier-Jouët Rose

You save: S$10.10

  1. Bombay Sapphire at 10% below market prices

Based on an ancient formula dating back to the 18th century, this Gin boasts of the moniker, ‘Ultra Premium’ – thanks to its distinctive distillation method and stringent production process.

Suggested serving: Rosemary Blue

You save: S$7.80

  1. John Jameson Irish Whiskey at 25% below market prices

This one is for those who love their whisky super smooth, with no hint of smokiness to dilute the smoothness. The highlight of this whisky is its production – different whiskies aged in separate barrels – and then blended.

Suggested serving: Irish Coffee

You save: S$22.52

  1. The Balvenie Triple Cask at 40% below market prices

The triple cask, as the name suggests, is a mélange of single malt whiskies aged in first-fill American oak barrels, traditional refill casks and first-fill Oloroso Sherry butts – resulting in a full-bodied flavour with notes of vanilla, toffee, oak tannin, and mellow spice.

Suggested serving: Whiskey Slush

You save: $97.50

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