6 Wonderful Ways To Enjoy Your Whisky/ Whiskey:

1. Drink It Neat
Straight up without knocking it back. This wins you wow points, with friends, an old mate or your new date, sometimes even the bartender. Soak up the tongue surface and ignite those buds. Feel how the aromas hit your nose from inside out. 

Source: Free Food Photo

2. With Water (Two Drops For Best Results)
You don’t need a splash, and it won’t extinguish that liquid sunshine. Activate or dilute? Maybe just molecules at work. Ah, sometimes it’s all about balance.

Source: Tasting table

3. Have It On The Rocks (Not More Than 2 Cubes)
Ice certainly makes it colder, but there are several other factors that enhance the taste. Chilling alters the flavour, dilution transforms the taste further.

Whiskey_2 ice cube
Source: The Luxury Spot

4. Make your own Manhattan
One of the finest and most appreciated cocktails, this is a classic. Want to pair whiskey with the food you’ve prepared? This is both simple and easy to make on your own. Whiskey, vermouth, liquor bitters and a cherry. For more flavour, rub the edge of a orange or lime peel.

Source: Food fnr

5. Make A Penicillin
Invented in NYC year 2005, this concoction of scotch, honey-ginger syrup and fresh lemon juice, guarantees to cure anything that ails you.


Source: First we feast


6. Try It Old-Fashioned
This is one smooth, refreshing combination. One of the earliest cocktails ever invented. All you need? A small cube of sugar, a little water, a tiny piece of ice, a thin lemon peel, and optionally a dash of liquor bitters. Not forgetting lots of love, in the Old-Fashioned glass.

Whiskey_old fashion.jpg

Source: rebecca creek distillery


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