3 Alcoholic Easter cocktails you can make for your friends and family

This weekend is Easter and everyone is excited. Besides looking at painting those easter eggs and decorating your apartment, maybe you should look at some of our Easter cocktail recipes. We have curated our top 3 to share with you.

Happy Easter everyone! (Here’s our Easter Special Promotion)

Easter mimosa punch

This is an easy one to make for your family this weekend. All you need are orange juice, pear nectar, cointreau and dry champagne. You can add a few slices of strawberries and orange to garnish and spice up the taste. via http://www.thedivineaddiction.com/easter-mimosa-punch/


Carrot Easter Margarita

We can’t do without carrot cocktail. For this you will need tequila and freshly squeezed lemon and OJ. You can garnish it with chocolate carrots and rim dip in green sugar for that carrot-y effect. via http://www.fashionablybombed.com/2012/04/carrot-easter-ita.html


Carrot Mimosa

This carrot mimosa is a mix of beer, wine liquor and pure carrot juice. Of course, you can dress this up with some carrot stems on top. via http://www.kitchentreaty.com/carrot-mimosas/


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