Curious Liquor Cabinets

Done with work and ready to get a drink?

While your favourite pub would have its natural charms, sometimes you’d much prefer to wind down in that most luxurious of spaces — home.

That’s why, we at are committed to delivering premium alcohol to your doorstep. Delivery cost is on us. To sweeten the home experience, here are some alcohol cabinet designs for you to consider.

1) Packing a punch

Have an old, sturdy suitcase you like but have no heart to throw it away? Well, don’t.

Fix it onto your wall and start packing it with your favourite bottles.

It will always be a surprise for your guests, when you show them just where your liquor collection is.

A quirky liquor cabinet like this would be ideal to store some gin.

1(Source: Kitchnn)

2) A Car-binet

Like your cabinet to have a futuristic touch?

Perhaps the AeroPod is for you. It’s inspired by automobile designs.

Here we have a cabinet that is as much a work of art as the best liquor in the world.

Something so sleek like this is a perfect place to house fine wine.

2(Source: Modenus)

3) A Libation Station

For that one-stop place to show and story all the liquor you have collected, you’d need a Libation Station.

Besides the novelty of it, the Libation Station can earn you some cool points. Just tell your guests, “Hey, would you like to check out my Libation Station?”

A Libation Station is pretty much the best place to display your prized whisky collection.

3(Source: Sean Woolsey)

4) For the sci-fi fans

Are you a fan of Dr Who, the extraterrestrial being who travels through time with his Tardis, a British police box?

It is said the Tardis is much bigger inside than it looks from the outside. You might just fool your guests if you fill this cabinet with premium liquor.

A bar that travels through time and space should definitely have some vodka in it.

4(Source: Geeky Gadgets)

5) Steampunk solutions

How about something with an industrial look? Something with a steampunk finish?

Take a look at this beauty then. It’s the perfect partner to drink to another world.

An unexpected bar like this should hold surprises like a bottle of smooth tequila.


(Source: Etsy)

Looking for bottles to fill up your liquor cabinet. You’ve come to the right place. We turn your  doorstep into a liquor cabinet. Order away.

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