Responsible Drinking


Here at, we strongly advocate that our customers be considerate of their health as well as the well-being of those around them. We are passionate about our products and we want you to enjoy them responsibly.

This weekend article look at what it means to be a responsible drinker. Being responsible means knowing when to drink, how much to drink, planning ahead and being in control of your drinking habits.

This being the weekend (and St Patrick’s weekend nonetheless) means that drinking will be in order at parties, gatherings and other social events. Before you start to enjoy your time with your friends, make sure that you know your limits and the situation you will be in before starting to drink.

Here are a few pointers to stay safe during festive periods and weekends of social activities:

  1. Make transport plans to get back home safely. There are Uber, Grab and Taxi services that you can consider.
  2. Make sure you have a friend with you particularly if you know you have low tolerance to alcohol.
  3. Mark your drinks and do not leave your them unattended.
  4. Be a responsible friend as well. Stop your friends if you think they had a little too much to drink.
  5. Consider not drinking at all if you are planning to do other physically demanding activities like diving, skiing, swimming etc. Drink after that.

In addition to these, here are a few tips on how to reduce the effect of alcohol on your health.

  1. Keep track of the amount of alcohol you consume each day, each week. Make sure you know your limits and stay within that limit.
  2. Try to not top up your drinks before you have finished them to make keeping track easier.
  3. Be assertive and do not allow yourself to be pressured into drinking beyond your limits or trying out new drinks which alcohol content you are unsure of.
  4. Pace yourself and give yourself space for non-alcoholic drinks in between alcoholic ones.
  5. Drink slowly. If you are thirsty, quench your thirst with water first.
  6. Avoid drinking games if you are new to drinking and do not know your own limits yet.
  7. Eat before drinking. Do not drink on an empty stomach.

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