Throw Your Very Own St. Patrick’s Day Party

Ah, St Paddy’s Day. The time of the year where the streets are full of rambunctious crowds drinking to the glory days. The streets run green with revellers which means the bars and pubs are packed to the brim. Extraordinary times like these call for some pretty ordinary measures. Here is how you can throw your very own St Paddy’s Day party right in the comfort of your own home!

Step 1: Paint the town green

It’s time to get acquainted with 50 shades of green. We’re talking green table wear, cutlery, cups and perhaps even some green-coloured foods. Add a touch of shamrocks as part of centrepiece or simply include the motifs as part of the decorations. The colour green may be invisible to leprechauns, but you will definitely stand out as party host extraordinaire.


Step 2: Set the mood with music

What’s a party without the music. It sets the tone for the entire evening. Be your very own deejay. Create a playlist beforehand and let it play throughout the night. Give your regular tunes an Irish touch and include songs from Irish musicians like Bono, The Cranberries and The Corrs.


Step 3: Feast like the Irish

Every good party needs good food. Since you and your guests will be drinking the night away it is best to have hearty bites to fill up on. Hearty bites laced with alcohol that is. Try your hand at a hearty Beef Stew made with red wine. Or some boozy Bailey’s cupcakes.



Step 4: It’s all fun and games

Make your party better than the rest with some games. Why not start a boozy scavenger hunt with your guests. Hide clues throughout the house. Each clue found will get a special St Paddy’s day shot as a reward.


Step 5: What’s a party without the alcohol

Of course, what is a St Paddy’s Day party without the booze. has you sorted of course. We have got a selection of Irish whisky you can choose from. If whisky does not rock your socks we have an array of drinks you can choose from. We have even sweetened the the deal with 5% off all our non-discounted items. Just quote “PADDY2017” during checkout.


The end of the rainbow awaits at




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